Janome MB4 Embroidery Machine Review

Choosing a suitable embroidery machine for the home can be complex and time-consuming. You can find tens of home embroidery machines available in the market, most of which share many specs, features, and functionalities. Thus, navigating through these dozens of similar yet distinctive home embroidery machines may be challenging, especially if you aren't well-versed with the detailed functionalities of each of these machines.
Honestly, there is no one perfect home embroidery machine, and the final choice will directly depend on individual preferences and needs. Nonetheless, here in this blog, we will be reviewing the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine and see some of its distinctive features.

Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine – Overall Summary

The Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine is an impressive and high-utility home embroidery machine that is manufactured to meet the requirements of all home-based embroidery projects. For starters, it's a powerful and strongly-built machine that is made to last long. Also, it got all the features and functionalities that you may need for your home embroidery needs.
Now, let's quickly move on to the detailed review of the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine!

Janome MB4 Needle Embroidery Machine Review

Design and Build


If you aren't much into embroidery machines, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine will simply appear to be an industrial-grade embroidery machine at first glance. However, this machine is specifically designed for home use. And while it may be intended for home use, it definitely doesn't compromise on its built quality. The machine is pretty heavily constructed, and you wouldn't feel like working with a small machine.

The Janome MB4 comes with four needles that enable users to easily switch between colors or smartly use multiple colors simultaneously for embroidery work. The machine can hold up to eight spools of thread at a time, making it easier for users to access a variety of colors concurrently.
Moving on, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine comes with a rather sizeable remote screen control display located at the side of the needles. The large screen makes it easier for users to view, review and edit the designs and control different machine operations, including embroidery speed and others. The machine's overall design is designed to make it convenient for users to find all functionalities and buttons they would need to smoothly operate an embroidery work. The large digital screen also makes it extremely smooth for users to upload embroidery designs and switch between different functions.
Hoop size remains one of the pressing problems for embroiders. Fortunately, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine comes in three different hoop sizes (50 mm x 50 mm, 5" x 4.3", and 9.4" x 7.8"), making it almost a breeze to switch between different hoop sizes and bringing more intricacy to your embroidery work. The automated thread cutter and embroidery area tracing are some of the other worth-mentioning features that make the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine one of the best embroidery machines for home use.


The Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine doesn't only offer high-utility built-in features; instead, it also provides a whole set of valuable accessories to offer smooth embroidery operations. Some of the accessories that are offered with the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine include:
  • 5 bobbins
  • 4 screwdrivers in different sizes
  • Tweezers
  • 9 spool nets
  • Lint brush
  • A seam ripper
  • Needle threader
  • 5 spool caps
  • Oiler
  • Accessory case

Options and Features

Moving on to the features, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine comprises some impressively advanced features, especially for a home-use embroidery machine, that are worth mentioning.
Starting off, the machine comes pre-loaded with 50 ready-to-use embroidery designs. You can instantly get started with the embroidery operations using any of the pre-loaded embroidery designs. Alternatively, you may also upload any embroidery design of your choice through the USB port. The advanced uploading and editing functionality in Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine makes it highly convenient for users to upload, modify or create all sorts of embroidery designs. Overall, you can save up to 100 embroidery designs on the machine.
Furthermore, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine comes with 50 pre-uploaded designs and 10 monogram fonts, so you never again have to worry about embroidery fonts and logos.
Another advanced feature that definitely justifies the relatively higher price of the machine includes a bobbin winding motor, which you won't find in many other home-use embroidery machines. The bobbing winding motor automates the rewinding of the bobbin, even when the machine is in use.
Yet another high-utility and advanced feature of the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine is the automated jump thread trimming. This feature enables users to program the machine to trim the jump threads automatically after a certain number of stitches.


While the functionalities and features of the machine are undoubtedly impressive, we can't overall the performance level offered by Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine. Nonetheless, below we have come up with a brief performance review of this machine, including the strengths and limitations that we experienced.
For starters, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine is a complex machine. While it is intended for home use, the powerpack features and functionalities making it a premium home-use embroidery machine also complicate its operationality. So, while it's an excellent machine for hobbyists and professionals alike, it definitely isn't the easiest to operate.
On the positive side, the machine comes with quite a simplistic threading option, which means you won't be struggling to use all the threading options simultaneously. All you need to do is closely follow the guidelines, and the machine will take care of the rest.
Another positive aspect of the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine is the ability to create lace designs. Now, let us remind you that there aren't many embroidery machines (let alone home use embroidery machines) that have this functionality, making the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine an excellent machine for home use.
To sum up, the Janome mb4 Embroidery Machine does offer great performance. The only downside may be the complex operationality of the machine. However, we believe with time. You will get used to the complex features and start enjoying the premium functionalities of the machine to create stunning embroidery designs.