Cap and hat Digitizing is a unique and specialized field of embroidery digitizing services and one with high demand nowadays. The complexity involved in the process demands highly expert and experienced digitizers to ensure precision of stitches and a refined final product, as the slightest of negligence on part of digitizers can result in the complete redo of the project.

There are two broad categories of cap and hat digitizing services based on the structure; structured cap & hats and unstructured caps & hats.

Structured Cap and hat Digitizing

Structured caps and hats refer to six-panel caps. Two important digitizing considerations involved for structured caps and hats digitizing include; starting from the bottom up and from middle to far ends. Based on the steps involved in digitizing, this technique is also called a center out technique.

Unstructured Caps and hat Digitizing

Caps or hats with five panels are called unstructured caps or hats. As the frame of caps or hats precisely fits the frame, digitization of unstructured caps and hats doesn’t require a center out technique. However, the non-stiff fabric in such caps and hats require more precision and adjustment during digitization.

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