Genius Digitizing is a leading name in embroidery digitizing industry in the USA offering reliable and affordable solutions for all digitizing services to individuals and companies across three continents. Our range of services includes patches embroidery, custom embroidery, vector art conversion and much more.

Patches Embroidery with a difference

At Genius digitizing we take pride in offering the best, consistent and affordable digitizing solutions to clients across the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. We are one of the pioneers of the industry with decades of experience serving national and international clients.

While you may find many cheaper patches embroidery services, none compete for the wroth for value with our quality and deliverability. Over the decades we have built a massive purpose-built infrastructure, coupled with the best digitizers and cutting-edge software to ensure premium quality services to our clients. With in-house digitizing machines, we ensure each patches embroidery order is precisely made to meet the clients’ requirements.

Patches Embroidery Done the Right Way

At Genius Digitizing, we are all about delivering clients’ the best quality and consistent digitizing services across the complete operational spectrum. Being one of the most experienced and respected companies in the industry, we have the resources and expertise needed to ensure the highest standard and timely deliverance of bulk orders. We have hand-picked our team of master digitizers for their passion, skills, and experience in the field, while also enabling them to stay at par with modern industry requirements through rigorous training sessions.

Why Choose Us:

With fastest turnaround time, leading digitizers and large infrastructure, we are your one stop solution for all patches digitizing work. While few compete with us on quality standards, we still maintain amazingly affordable pricing for all our services to remain compatible for all individuals and businesses.

We are as good a partner for large organizations as for small and medium-size businesses for all embroidery digitizing services.


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