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Jacket back digitizing is one of the specialized fields of embroidery digitizing services and include artwork and designs specifically digitized to be stitched on the back of leather jackets. The exquisiteness and elusive nature of jacket back digitizing makes is a highly sought-after artwork among creative and artistic people. At genius digiting, we ensure the highest quality standards of our digitized files for the most authentic and artistic feel on jacket backs.

A digitization service worthy of its value!

Digitizing for jacket back is a complex process that needs extensive training and years of experience to fully master. It’s one unique component that requires extreme concentration, skill, and mastery to be executed perfectly. Only the most experienced and skilled technician is able to make precise stitches that adhere to the high standards required for jacket back designs. Vectorizing bitmap images for jacket back designs can comprise of as many as 40k to 150k stitches and any negligence will have its effects on the final design especially when the design is stretched or comprise more than 20%. That’s one reason we have invested heavily and handpicked digitizers to ensure superior quality custom embroidery digitizing services

Genius Digitizing - Outperforming expectations!

At Genius Digitizing, we are known for our commitment to deliverance and astounding quality embroidery digitizing. No matter how complex digitizing work you may have, our skilled and talented custom embroidery digitizers are fully capable to deliver you exceptional quality digitized designs that will surely outperform your expectations.

Privacy – Rest Assured!

We understand the sensitivity circling the privacy and copyright issues and how bad our negligence can impact our customers. That’s one reason why we have stayed truest to our principle of maintaining the highest standards in terms of privacy and copyright protection of all designs. We never, never ever share embroidery digitized designs to anyone, at any cost.

Responsive Customer Service

Client servicing remains a fundamental business principle at genius digitizing. We understand the importance of keeping an open and transparent channel of communication with clients and make sure to keep our clients updated with the project status at all times. Our team of dedicated customer support representatives is specifically trained to cater to all queries and concerns of customers and ensure a seamless flow of information between our digitizers and clients.

By establishing a generous and well-receptive client servicing line, we not only ensure the highest quality standards but also built clients’ trust in our services that go deep into our business philosophy. We have an open line policy to connect customers directly with digitizers to keep them updated with project status as well as built customers’ trust in our services.

Fastest Turnaround Time

In today’s competitive business world, you need to stay on your toes at all times. That’s one reason why we offer the fastest turnaround time for all our services. Our turnaround time for all orders (except for complex and bulk orders) seldom exceed 24 hours (weekends not included).

For urgent orders, we have dedicated services that can complete projects as fast as within 4 hours.