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How to Remove Embroidery Step-by-step Guide?

Embroidery is fascinating; that’s one thing we all can agree on, right? The technique has remained the most prized and affectionate approach to customized clothing and decorative articles for centuries. From the early times of hand embroidery to today’s digital machine embroidery, people across the world… Read more

Image to embroidery machine file conversion - Tips/Guide

	How to convert JPEG to DST online ?</p>

.jpeg is one of the most common and frequently used image formats globally. Now, since it’s an absolutely prevailing image format, we believe you must have come across this format several times before and thereby, won’t go into many details of the format.
In… Read More

How to Convert .JPG To PES Embroidery File

Whether you are looking to up your digitizing skills, or just interested in learning to stitch, you would need to the process to convert JPG to PES. Now, while some of you surely would know the basics of embroidery digitizing process and PES format, there certainly would… Read More

JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File Format Free – The Ultimate Guide
How To Convert Image To Vector Art?

Every designer is always stuck between raster images and vector images, but it’s needless to say that vector images are the most preferred choices. The vector images are a combination of shapes and lines with less intricate details but higher quality. It can increase the image size… Read More

How to Convert SVG TO PES

SVG and PES are two popular file formats widely used in the digitizing industry. For those who aren’t sure about the two formats; SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML based graphic file format. It was developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as… Read More

How to convert PDF TO DST

There are dozens of file formats, each with its unique strengths and limitations. In essence, no one file structure can be labelled as ideal.
When it comes to Portable Document Format (PDF), it’s a highly agile file format for storing, sharing, and… Read More

How To Convert a Vector to DST file

Are you eager to learn how to convert any vector file into a DST file simply? Then you have clicked the most relevant article. 

By reading this complete article, you will find the What is Vector and DST file. And where, when,… Read More

How to Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to vector conversion is a fundamental and essential skill for all designers. Since vector is a crucial image format that is widely used in embroidery digitizing and advertisements, it’s important for designers to master the art of raster to vector conversion. Fortunately,… Read More

How to convert JPG to EXP?

Embroidery machines have come a long way in terms of accuracy, features, and automation. Today, we have powerful and advanced self-regulating embroidery machines that can auto-adjust to design patterns and different fabrics. However, there are still a few pressing challenges for embroiders working with embroidery machines.

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Recommendations for Embroidery Machines

Top and Best Commercial Embroidery Machines For 2022

Are you looking to set up a commercial garment business?

Honestly, you need to consider many highs and lows, and choosing the best commercial embroidery machines is undoubtedly the trickiest part of the process. 
The dilemma is that there… Read More

Brother SE600 Review

Brother SE600 is one of the most hyped sewing and embroidery machine. It is highly recommended primarily for offering various features, durability, functionality and reliability at a highly affordable price. It is perhaps one of the best embroidery machines in its price segment, making it hugely… Read More

Ricoma EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine Review

So, you are ready to start your home embroidery business.
You have read tens of blogs and articles to improve your understanding of the embroidery process. But are you sure you have identified the right home embroidery machine that suits your needs?
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Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e Review

Machine embroidery has become the mainstay of the fashion world. With efficient, affordable, and advanced digitizing solutions becoming increasingly accessible, many aspiring embroiders have turned to machine embroidery business to push forward with their entrepreneurial journey.
Nonetheless, the embroidery machine remains the… Read More

Janome MB4 Embroidery Machine Review

Choosing a suitable embroidery machine for the home can be complex and time-consuming. You can find tens of home embroidery machines available in the market, most of which share many specs, features, and functionalities. Thus, navigating through these dozens of similar yet distinctive home embroidery machines… Read More

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review

Finding the right embroidery machine is never an easy task. Ironically, what makes the job of choosing an embroidery machine difficult is the sheer number of options available in the market. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an all-rounder embroidery machine that is easy to operate… Read More

Tajima 6 head Embroidery Machine Review

If you have been looking for the best multi-head embroidery machine to serve your growing business needs, you probably must have heard of the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine.

Whether you want to expand your existing embroidery business or are willing to… Read More

Brother Luminaire XP2 Review

The Brother Luminaire XP2 is one of the most technologically advanced and one-of-its-kind sewing machines. The machine packed some incredibly advanced technological features and robust functionalities to transform how we approach sewing projects.

Below, we will review some of the most impressive… Read More

Knows About Machine Embroidery Fabric

Best Fabric For Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is a complicated process that involves various interconnected components. It’s definitely not easy for newbies to get started with the embroidery business, as the number of intricate components can be overwhelming to handle.
Now, here in this blog,… Read More

Machine Embroidery On Satin Fabric

Satin is a popular fabric preferred for its shine and smooth feel. The term “Satin” actually refers to the weaving pattern of the fabric, which creates a slippery, silky, shiny, and easy to fray fabric.
While satin may be highly… Read More

How to Embroider a T-Shirt with the Machine

T-shirts are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe; irrespective of age or gender. These are considered the most versatile clothing that can serve all settings including formal, semi-formal, or casual. Apart from being a versatile clothing option, t-shirts are also preferred for the comfort, coziness, and ease… Read More

Machine Embroidery on Velvet

There is little doubt about the exclusiveness and elegance of velvet fabric. However, the super silky and luxurious fabric does have its downsides, especially when it comes to machine embroidery. The fabric is infamous in the embroidery industry for the complexity involved in doing machine embroidery… Read More

Thread Guide For Machine Embroidery

Best Embroidery Machine Thread Brands 2022 | Review
How to do Machine Embroidery with Metallic Thread?

Various people have been looking for suggestions and recommendations for machine embroidery with metallic thread.

Well, if you, too, have been looking for some easy yet effective tips that can help you with machine embroidery with metallic thread, you have come to… Read More