Brother Luminaire XP2 Review

The Brother Luminaire XP2 is one of the most technologically advanced and one-of-its-kind sewing machines. The machine packed some incredibly advanced technological features and robust functionalities to transform how we approach sewing projects.

Below, we will review some of the most impressive features of Brother Luminaire XP2 while also discussing the pros and cons of this incredible machine.

Brother Luminaire 2 Features

Well, with Brother Luminaire XP2, there are a heck lot of features and functionalities to talk about; thereby, without wasting any time, let’s get started and review some of the amazing features and functionalities offered by the machine.

The Mother of All Sewing Technologies!

Honestly, over the course of the past many years, we have reviewed dozens of sewing machines from all major manufacturers. However, it won’t be wrong to commit that no other machine comes technologically near to the Brother Luminaire XP2.

The machine comes with the best of the very best features in terms of sewing technologies. It seems like the manufacturer (Brother) has literally thrown in every bit of technology, feature, and function that one can imagine in designing the most advanced sewing machine. Not to forget, even with such advanced technology and complex features, the machine comes with incredibly intuitive and user-friendly operation.

When it comes to sewing technologies and capabilities, Brother Luminaire XP2 offers the best of all – maybe even better than the best. The machine is packed with all sorts of technologies and features you will ever need, everything offered with an incredibly user-friendly interface – literally offering the best of both worlds.

Now, let’s quickly review some of the amazing functionalities and features offered by the Brother Luminaire XP2 machine.

Amazingly Functional

Just to awe-inspiring, the machine comes with over 1300 built-in embroidery designs, over 20 embroidery fonts, 190+ Disney character patterns, 4 sewing letter fonts, 650+ decorative stitches, and 10 bespoke Disney designs.

To top it all off, you can easily create any of these exquisite built-in designs or fonts using a 10.1’’ large LCD touchscreen, which acts much like a tablet. The LCD can be used to control all functions of the machine and do everything you need for the projects. The machine also offers specific functionality to create custom designs for the projects. Brother Luminaire XP2 also allows wireless transfer of images for scanning.

The overall workspace offered by the machine is also significantly large ~65 square inches, with a rather generous 13.1’’ needle that is capable of handling all sorts of projects you would ever need to work on.

Mobile Apps

My Stitch Monitor Mobile App

Brother Luminaire XP2 comes with the My Stitch Monitor Mobile App that basically enables connectivity of the machine with your PC through wireless LAN. This greatly assists users in keeping track of embroidery through notifications via mobile devices, even when they aren’t near the machine. The machine also sends notifications and alerts for various processes, like when you need to change threads or when the stitching process is over.

My Design Snap Mobile App for Image Transfer

Taking up the trendy functionality from the Stellaire machine, the Brother Luminaire XP2 comes with the unique My Design Snap Mobile App for image transfer. Simply put, this functionality enables users to transfer all images they want from mobile devices to the machine. Using the My Design Snap Mobile App, users of Android or iOS can now send images directly to the Brother Luminaire XP2 through the wireless network.

InnovEye Plus Technology

To up the ante even more, Brother Luminaire XP2 comes with the InnovEye Plus technology that ensures precise and accurate sewing and embroidery experience. With the InnovEye Plus technology, the machine is able to scan 800% wider embroidery area quicker and more accurately.

Built-In Embroidery Designs and Sewing Stitches

  • 1,300+ Built-In embroidery designs
  • 150+ utility stitches
  • 24 Embroidery lettering fonts
  • 670 Built-in decorative stitches
  • 192 Disney & Pixar characters
  • 4 Sewing lettering fonts
  • 10 Disney sewing stitches

Brother Luminaire XP2 Pros

Well, now that we have reviewed some of the incredibly advanced features and functionalities of Brother Luminaire XP2, let’s quickly review some of the machine's strengths.

As mentioned in the above sections, Brother Luminaire XP2 is arguably one of the most robust and technologically advanced sewing machines available on the market. The machine comes packed with the very best of the best features and advanced functionalities that enable complete control and effective completion of all sorts of embroidery or sewing projects with far greater efficiency, precision, and convenience.

Apart from awe-inspiring functionalities, the machine also comes with a massive inventory of built-in patterns and designs. All of the built-in designs and patterns available with Brother Luminaire XP2 can easily be created through an LCD touchscreen. In contrast, users can also wirelessly scan images to create custom designs to meet specific project needs.

To top it all, the Brother Luminaire XP2 some with built-in camera-like functionalities and an advanced scanner that makes it far more accessible and more convenient for users to handle projects with incredible efficiency and brilliance outcomes.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Cons

While there is a lot to admire and appreciate in the Brother Luminaire XP2 machine, it does have one specific downside, which we would like to share with you.

Brother Luminaire XP2 price is the only downside as we know for now. The machine comes at a premium cost, and you would have to pay top dollar to enjoy exclusive and innovative features offered by the machine. This means that this machine may not be available within everyone’s budget.

So, while the machine is definitely worth every penny, its higher costs simply take it out of reach for most embroidery or sewing businesses.


Well, throughout the review, we haven’t shied away from recognizing the Brother Luminaire XP2 as one of the best and most advanced sewing machines available in the market that packs incredibly advanced technologies with innovative features and functionalities.

However, given the premium price of the machine, the utility and viability of the machine are somewhat restricted. Nonetheless, if you can afford it, the Brother Luminaire XP2 is definitely worth every penny of its price and will enable you to create unique, innovative, and meticulous embroidery projects super quick and conveniently.