How to Get Free Embroidery Digitizing Software?</p>

Embroidery digitizing isn’t the cheapest of interest to pursue.
The biggest cost involved in the process is definitely accessing a standard and professional digitizing software, which costs at least hundreds of dollars.
Then there’s the cost of thread, embroidery and much more.
So, yeah, you are genuinely legitimate to ask “how to get free embroidery digitizing software”, to save a few hundred bucks.
Fortunately, there are multiple free embroidery digitizing software, which you can get your hands around and pursue your embroidery passion.
Yes, these free embroidery digitizing software aren’t anywhere near the professional and paid software in terms of features and tools, but then you can’t expect them to be, do you?
However, even with limited customization options and integrated designs, these free embroidery digitizing software offer enough utility and features to serve your individual embroidery design needs, at the beginner and amateur level.
So, without wasting any more time, let’s just jump-start our list of best free embroidery digitizing software you can download and start working with.

1. SophieSew

SophieSEW is one of the best free embroidery digitizing software available for download and definitely one of my personal favorite. The software offers plenty of essential tools you would require to draw any design from scratch. Also, it’s pretty much straightforward to convert the designs into embroidery machine-readable files with its interactive and user-friendly interface. 

Free Embroidery Digitizing SophieSew Software

It’s a Windows OS based free software, and proficient enough to help you to design even more complex embroidery patterns from scratch. You get all essential designing tools like embroidery frame object, outline, line object, stitch pattern creator object, and others, to get the work done effortlessly. The interface is carefully designed to maximize user experience, allowing you to handle all tools easily with the mouse.
Another great feature of SopheiSew is the dedicated Visual Section, which allows users to view and analyze the design easily. In the Visual Section, you get the option to hide underlay, stitches and other design patterns to get the best view of your design. Last but not the least, there’s this 3D Model Viewer that enables you to have a closer and interactive look at complex designs.

2. EOS

EOS is yet another great free embroidery digitizing software that comes with plenty of features and tools. You can easily use EOS to either design an embroidery pattern from scratch or edit the existing design. Just like the SopheiSew, the EOS offers an interactive and user-friendly interface to help users get more out of the software. The software comes with a starting node on the canvas, which enables users to start placing the threads using a mouse. Then there are various supplementing tools, meant to improve the accuracy and appeal of the design including; ruler, zoom, scrollbar, etc.
Apart from editing and designing purposes, the EOS is also great to view and inspect the existing files of different formats. You can easily load an existing design into the software to view design and/or stitches. The Show/Hide Stitch Points options enable you to view or hide the stitches, thus giving you complete control to assess the accuracy of the design.

Free Embroidery Digitizing EOS Software

Once you are done with the designing of the editing of the embroider, you can run the Redraw Utility option, which will simulate the process of an embroidery machine to stitch the design. This is a great option to have an initial assessment of the quality and accuracy of your design. Lastly, the EOS also enables you to save the files in various formats including: .PES, .PEC, and more.

3. Wilcom TrueSizer

Wilcom is the industry leader and the preferred software for embroidery digitizing professionals. Fortunately, the company also offers its Free Embroidery digitizing software, Wilcom TrueSizer. While the free software doesn’t come anywhere near to the functionalities, interactive features and precision tools of the paid version, it nonetheless offers some of the best tools and features amongst many free embroidery digitizing software.

Free Embroidery Digitizing Wilcom TrueSizer Software

To start, just like the paid version, the Wilcom TrueSizer also enables you to store the file into almost all major file formats including: .DSN, .DST, .EMB, .STX, and many more. Also, you get access to various viewing modes like TrueView or Show Stitches to assess the accuracy and intricacy of the design.
While you can’t make drastic edits to your design, Wilcom TrueSizer do offer some tool to allow subtle modification. For instance, you can edit the size, angle, and rotation of the design. However, besides these changes, you won’t be able to make many more chances for the parameters.
Once you are done with editing, you can run the simulation using Stitch Player, which will simulate the embroidery machine pattern to stitch the design.

4. My Editor 

My Editor is yet another free embroidery digitizing software, allowing easy editing tools for users. While you may not be able to come up with a design from scratch using My Editor, you can certainly make many editing into an existing design and save the file into various machine-readable formats including; .PCS, .DST, .PCM, etc. As can be taken by the name of the software, the software is primarily meant to serve editing purposes and not to create a new design.

Free Embroidery Digitizing  My editor Software
Apart from editing, you can also use My Editor to assess and view the design using various viewing tools like Show Stitch Marks, Zoom, Set Light Source and many more. The software gives an interactive and user-friendly interface, so you don’t have to work really hard to get used to with different tools and their working.



So, there you have it, some of the best free embroidery digitizing software available over the internet. You can easily download all of this software by simply registering with the side and start pursuing your embroidery pattern.
Also, these free embroidery digitizing software are great for people looking to excel in professional digitizing services. Just download one of the programs and start designing/editing the design and you will be surprised at how quickly you will polish your skills, even with their limited functionalities.