Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e Review

Machine embroidery has become the mainstay of the fashion world. With efficient, affordable, and advanced digitizing solutions becoming increasingly accessible, many aspiring embroiders have turned to machine embroidery business to push forward with their entrepreneurial journey.
Nonetheless, the embroidery machine remains the single most crucial component for all embroidery businesses. Interestingly, there is no dread of embroidery machines’ availability in the market. In fact, many embroiders are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available for embroidery machines.
Here in this blog, we will be reviewing Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e, which is arguably one of the most efficient and most advanced home embroidery machines.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e – Brief Overview!

One glance at Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e and it instantly gives the feel of a professional-grade embroidery machine that you would see at a commercial shop.
This 10 thread fully computerized embroidery machine is undoubtedly one of the fastest, most precise, and arguably the most efficient embroidery machine available for home use. The machine comes with an oversized work table, equipped with massive automated 10 thread spindles and a large LCD touchscreen (which, by the way, is the standout feature of the machine). The massive LDC screen is jotted out from the right side, offering extreme efficiency and convenience for users to make edits or quickly review designs.


Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e comes fully loaded with power-pack features. Below are some of the best and worth-mentioning features of this beast of an embroidery machine;
  • Automated needle threading
  • 5 powerful LED lights that deliver power equivalent to 35 incandescent light bulbs
  • Top speed of 1000 stitches per minute
  • 28 embroidery lettering fonts (with customizable size)
  • 10 connecting accents
  • 3 monogram font styles
  • 10 frame designs
  • Greed alphabet designs
  • Floral, renaissance, and applique designs
  • Massive HD LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in memory with the capacity to store up to 500,000 stitches
  • Massive color palette with around 300 varying colors
  • 3 USB ports
  • Can be linked to other embroidery machines
  • Upgraded software for easy editing


Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e - Operations

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e may appear daunting, especially to new users with the massive touchscreen and almost intimidating ten threads. However, it is one of the simplest machines to operate in reality. Thanks to its fully automated threading system, the Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e can easily be handled even by users with basic experience working with embroidery machines.
All you got to do is touch the button to thread all needles in a few seconds. Once you are done with threading, you can simply choose a design, color, and fonts among the various built-in options through interactive touchscreen LCD, and you are good to go.
Once the design, colors, and fonts are selected, you will have to make a few more clicks and press the “Start” button. Once the machine is ready to operate, it will change color from “red” to “green,” indicating that the machine is ready to go.
Once the embroidery is completed, the machine automatically stops while delivering a “finished sewing” message on the touchscreen to confirm the successful completion of the task. This message also confirms that the user can now safely take out the project from the machine.
The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e has a large memory that can store up to 500,000 stitches to make it even simpler for users. This also means you don’t have to worry about losing the design due to machine malfunction, power outage, or other issues. In fact, the machine is able to pick up the design right from the point where it stopped.


As one of the best home embroidery machines available in the market, Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e can be used to embroidery stunning designs on almost all stores of fabrics, including;
Fine fabrics (velvet, silk, etc.)
  • Fur
  • Knits
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Leather/suede
  • Natural fabrics (cotton, wool, linen)
  • Upholstery
  • Reptile skin
  • Synthetic fabrics (Rayon, polyester, etc.)
  • Canvas
  • Extra thick fabrics (jeans, leather, etc.)?


Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e - Accessories

Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e comes packed with loads of standard accessories, whereas you can also choose from a massive list of optional accessories to further improve the creative experiences for embroidery. Below are some of the standard and optional accessories that comes with Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e;

Standard Accessories

  • Frames
  • Large (14” x 8”) work table
  • Spool mats
  • Three sets of needles
  • Two embroidery frame holders
  • Pool caps
  • Prewound bobbins
  • USB cable
  • Screwdrivers
  • Embroidery sheet grids

Optional Accessories

  • Frames
  • Upgrade kit (color shuffling, new designs, InnovEye technology, on-screen density adjustment, and more)
  • Metal stand with adjustable height


Brother is one of the most respectable and widely used manufacturers of embroidery machines that have dominated the industry for decades. The company produces some of the best commercial embroidery machines for home and professional settings. The brand has built its strong reputation as one of the most innovative and quality-oriented brands.
Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e is one heck of an embroidery machine that makes the whole embroidery experience seamless. It’s an advanced machine that is fast, accurate, and deafening. The automated features of the machine make it a breeze to operate Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e while delivering impeccable results. Overall, it’s a machine that you would love to operate, and that will definitely help you maximize your productivity for higher revenues and business expansion.
The only downside of the machine that we saw is the size, which may be just too big for a home setting. Also, the machine's advanced features come at a relatively higher cost and thus may not be suitable for beginners or embroidery enthusiasts. Nonetheless, if you are ready to get ahead with your embroidery business, you will definitely love working with Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000e.