How To Convert a Vector to DST file

Are you eager to learn how to convert any vector file into a DST file simply? Then you have clicked the most relevant article. 

By reading this complete article, you will find the What is Vector and DST file. And where, when, and why should we use it, discuss its importance over other file types, and how we can convert the Vector file into a DST file.


Any Image can construct into two different methods in digitization. One image composition method uses several colorful blocks, commonly known as pixels. While in the second method, images are composed of mathematical geometry.

Most photographs and images are constructed using pixels(thousands of tiny color blocks). Such images are known as Bitmaps or Raster Images. That's the reason when you zoom in on the image. You can quickly identify the colorful dots individually. The widely used extension for raster images is PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Another method to construct the image digitally is through Vector. A vector image is an image that is formulated by thousands of dots and lines, and curves composed of mathematical formulation. When we zoom the image to its last possibility quality of the vector image will never change nor become blurry like the Bitmaps images.

The Vector File extensions differentiate the Vector Image files from the rest. Widely used vector file extensions are PDF, EPS, SVG, and .ai.

Vector file extensions 

SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics extension is derived from the XML. It is very widely used on the web to be indexed and searched. It is also the most common file format for creating logos and icons, mainly animation creation.

EPS: Encapsulated PostScript is one of the traditional vector file formats used to form layouts and drawings. the latest .ai format is based on this old eps extension, so nowadays, .ai is more useable than eps 

PDF: Portable Document Format is also created by Adobe, and it's widely used to interchange documents between different platforms and is commonly used in the print industry because it has the potential to retain its original appearance.

AI: Adobe Illustrator, such files are widely used by designers. conSuch as creating logos.


The industrial revolution changed the world of embroidery. Initially, it reduces hand embroidery by replacing it with sewing machines. And the people are pleased about that because it has reduced the time and the effort. Digitized embroidery entered the world and changed the whole scenario within some time. You can create stunning and attractable designs in the blink of an eye. But for that, you need a file name DST file. Do you think Why DST file? What is a DST file? Why do we need a DST file for embroidery? 

The Embroidery machines require a specific machine language to construct the stitches according to the design. One of the widely used machine languages for stitches is a DST file. It is a kind of digital instruction, according to which the machine understands the command and stitches the design.

DST Stands for Data Stich Tajima. This file is technically known as a .dst file, and it can easily identify its embroidery format. This file contains different commands like color change, stitch, position to keep vacant, and when to start and stop the stitching. Nowadays, DST files are used for commercial and domestic machines. 

Vector File into DST File

Many peoples are getting their embroidery designs in their shirts and caps. Sometimes some digitizers want a file in a DST format. As we know that the .dst file describes different features like where to start the stitch and where to finish, in which place there is no requirement of stitch, the number of passes, and how dense the embroidery should be.

If you want to convert any vector file, there is a requirement for special software. Wilcom software is most recommendable to convert Vector format into DST format. To convert any image file to DST or any other machine format is not like converting the JPEG to PNG.  

Suppose you are trying to convert such files by yourself. It would help if you had high-tech software named Wilcom. You must be aware of some mandatory skills of digitizing Embroidery machines and become a moderate expert to complete this job successfully. After that, you can convert a picture file into DST format.


Alternatives to convert to DST


Suppose all these steps describe above a not achievable for you because of time-consuming and financial expenses. There are some other options by adopting that you can also save your cost and time.  

Nowadays, there is a list of freelancers on different freelance platforms who will do your job perfectly as per your requirement, and this option is also very effective for cost-saving.

If you are looking for free digitizing software related to embroidery, there is a list of software. But all these are not enough to achieve the best-required results. The reality is that embroidery digitizing is one of the enormous costs involving processes. If you get access to software alternately because of some efforts, you need an expert to get your required DST file from the software.

Many professionals in the embroidery industry mostly recommend hiring a professional digitizing agency to get a DST file. These recommendations for these digitizing companies have experienced experts who are aware of the software and the process and adaption of such services, resulting in quality results and a lot of cost-saving.