Ricoma MT-1501 Single-head Commercial Embroidery Machine Review

Ricoma MT 1501 is one of the best single-head commercial embroidery machines with a whole set of features suited for all types of commercial embroidery work. The machine works perfectly for all sorts of garments, including caps, towels, tees, jeans, etc.

To make it more convenient for newbies, the Ricoma MT 1501 comes with everything required to get started. So you don’t have to worry about sourcing all the different components separately. So, if you, too, are looking to start a commercial embroidery setup, here’s everything you need to know about the Ricoma MT 1501 single-head commercial embroidery machine.


The Ricoma MT 1501 is a single-head embroidery machine designed for commercial use. The machine comes with a large embroidery area, making it perfect for large-scale production and commercial use. The machine is capable of making up to 1,000 stitches per minute.

While the Ricoma MT 1501 works seamlessly with all sorts of fabrics and materials, it is ideally suited to work with bulky items. The intelligent design of the machine also includes a small arm that’s meant to assist you in working efficiently on hard-to-embroider areas of the garments.

To further consolidate its position as one of the best single-head commercial embroidery machines, the Ricoma MT 1501 comes loaded with all relevant and special accessories, including an adhesive frame, pocket frame, clamp frame, and car backside hoop.

As a user, you also get access to the complete range of cap embroidery accessories, including 1 pre-hooping device, 1 cap embroidery device, and 2 cap frames (360 x 75mm). So, you never have to worry about working with cap embroidery projects.

Lastly, you have the main unit, which is all ready and completely equipped to get started immediately. The unit comes with a detailed instruction manual listing the start-up basics and getting started with the machine. Lastly, you also got a complete toolset, including 20 high-quality needles along with a part parts book, so you are ready to rock and roll with your new Ricoma MT-1501.


The Ricoma MT-1501 commercial embroidery machine is available in multiple languages, including English, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Arabic, and more. Let’s check out a few specifications of the machine:

  • Single head
  • 7-inch Color LCD (touch screen option)
  • 1200 RPM maximum speed
  • Thread break recognition
  • Large embroidery area (22 x 14 inches)
  • Low weight – 90 KGs (200 pounds)
  • Built-in light
  • Automatic color switch
  • Ability to read multiple formats, including DST, DSB, etc.
  • Multi-angle rotational and adjustable control panel for an easy and better view

Equipment includes:

  • Bright built-in LED in front of the needles
  • 1700+ embroidery styles
  • 1 wooden tray
  • 1 bobbin winder (outside)
  • 1 metal stand with wheels
  • 1 position marker (installed)
  • 12 hoops of different sizes from 90mm to 360mm

Main Features

Now that we are done with the specifications and equipment included in the Ricoma MT-1501 package, let’s quickly check out some of the worth-mentioning features of the machine;

  • Robust design ideal for working with bulky and oversized items
  • Suitable for all types of embroidery, including cap embroidery, towel embroidery, finished garments embroidery, flatbed embroidery, and more
  • Perfect for large-scale commercial embroidery
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Automatic color change
  • Large embroider area – 50 x 36 cm
  • 270-degree cap embroidery system
  • Thread break detection
  • 1000 SPM maximum speed
  • Multiple input options, including USB or direct transmission
  • Automatic memory retention
  • Built-in universal power supply
  • Servo motor 150W
  • Network and Wi-Fi capable
  • Pre-sew design trace capable
  • Robust steel stand
  • Heavy-duty wheels for stability and easy mobility
  • Emergency stop option
  • Environment-friendly packaging
  • Laser trace device included

Touch Screen Control Panel

  • 7-inch touchscreen color LCD
  • Multi-language availability, including Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, French, Russian, German, and others
  • User-friendly and interactive interface
  • Intuitive functionalities for easy operations and higher efficiency
  • Multiple input formats compatible, including DST, DSB, etc.
  • Built-in button from 172 degrees to 196 degrees under manual color change mode
  • Frame offset and frame outlining functionality for convenient operations when working with applique embroidery
  • Multi-angle adjustable control panel bracket
  • Ergonomic touchscreen
  • Single-step trace button
  • Recessed USB port

Network Capabilities

Another great feature of the Ricoma MT-1501 single-head commercial embroidery machine is its easy networking capabilities. The machine can easily be connected with other Ricoma machines (multiple machines simultaneously) for a flexible production system. This great functionality enables users to embroider the same designs on multiple machines simultaneously easily.

Included Accessories

One great aspect about the Ricoma MT-1501 embroidery machine is that it comes with all necessary accessories included in the package to get you started immediately, including;

  • 1 Tool Box
  • 2 Hat Hoops
  • 1 Bedding Table
  • 11 Hoops
  • 1 Bobbin Box
  • 15 Large Thread Spool
  • 1 Quick Hat Hoop
  • 2 Metallic Gold and Silver Spools
  • All requisite machine threads
  • 19 Small thread spool
  • 1 Hat attachment
  • 1 Stand with stabilizer feet


Overall, the Ricoma MT-1501 is a pretty darn solid commercial-scale embroidery machine perfect for embroidery on all fabrics and materials. Given that it also comes with all relevant accessories, Ricoma MT-1501 is highly recommended for newbies to get started quickly. Some worth-mentioning strengths of the machine include:

  • Adjustable color touchscreen LCD
  • Easily movable
  • Great for embroidering on all fabrics and materials
  • Interactive software
  • Intuitive design
  • Easy mobility


  • The embroidery speed is relatively slow as compared to some other commercial machines
  • Motor overheating issue


Ricoma MT-1501 is a well-built commercial-grade embroidery machine aptly suited for beginners, and amateur embroiders. The best aspect of the machine is its ability to embroider on all sorts of fabrics and materials. Also, an easy to use software and intuitive design makes it convenient for users to improve efficiency and productivity. Overall, it’s a great commercial-scale embroidery machine well-suited for all sorts of embroidery needs!