Tajima 6 head Embroidery Machine Review

If you have been looking for the best multi-head embroidery machine to serve your growing business needs, you probably must have heard of the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine.

Whether you want to expand your existing embroidery business or are willing to start big, the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine is undoubtedly one of the best commercial embroidery machines available on the market.

Below, we will be looking at some technical and not-so-technical details of this embroidery machine to see what makes it one of the best commercial embroidery machines in the market.

Let’s get started!

What are the best industrial embroidery machine brands?

Before we move on to review the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine, let’s see some of the best brands that are globally accepted as the leaders for commercial grade embroidery machine manufacturing:

  • Tajima embroidery machine
  • SWF embroidery machine
  • Ricoma embroidery machine

Interestingly, multi-head embroidery machines from these three brands have multiple similarities, like:

Embroidery machines from all these brands come with 6 heads and 15 needles. It is worth mentioning that 12 to 15 needles per head are industry standards for multi-head embroidery machines

Also, the embroidery speed of embroidery machines from all three brands is the same ~ 1,000 stitches per minute – which again is industry standard

The similarities end here. Now, let’s quickly move on to our review of the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine!

Reviewing Tajima 6 Head Embroidery Machine


Tajima is one of the most respected and trusted names in embroidery machine manufacturing. The company is known for its advanced, highly innovative, and robust embroidery machines for both home and commercial purposes.

Over the decades, the company has manufactured some of the most durable, structurally solid, and technologically advanced embroidery machines, all of which are worth mentioning.

Today, the 6-head embroidery machine from the brand is considered the Gold Standard in the industry for commercial embroidery. The machine comes with solid capabilities, impressive speeds and incredible durability, larger embroidery space, and much more to support growing business needs

Key features at a glance:

  • 6 heads
  • Head interval 500
  • 15 needles set
  • Power consumption 470W
  • Embroidery space 450 x 360 
  • Touch screen operational panel
  • The maximum revolution of 1100 rpm
  • Power supply 3 phase 200votls and single-phase 100/200volts
  • LED light
  • Position marker

Technical Review

-         Touch screen LCD:

Touchscreen LCDs have become stable in almost all major embroidery machines. These well-lit LCDs enable users to conveniently review the design and make any necessary changes before sending it for embroidery. The Tajima 6 head embroidery machine comes with a bright LED, which gives users a clear view of the design and needlework. You can perform various operations, including editing and reviewing the design using the LCD.

-         Position Marker:

Another noteworthy feature of the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine is the position market that enables users to view the needle hole, which is covered by fabric in most other machines. The illuminated position market allows users to determine the needle position easily.

-         Frames:

The machine also comes with border frames. This means that you can conveniently use embroidery cap frames, pocket frames, and all other items without any difficulty.

-         Memory size:

Memory size is an important feature, especially when talking about commercial-grade embroidery machines. The memory size determines the number of designs an embroidery machine can hold in its internal memory. The larger the memory, the more designs your machine can hold. It also eliminates the need to waste time going back and forth to upload designs.

As a top-of-the-line embroidery machine, Tajima multi-head machine can store as many as 2 million stitches in its internal memory. This means you won’t have to waste time deleting or uploading designs repeatedly.

-         Cap attachment:

When you are looking to expand into the commercial embroidery landscape, you can’t miss out on cap embroidery. For cap embroidery, you will need a cap attachment. Unfortunately, the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine doesn’t come cap attachment as a standard package. However, it can be purchased separately. The key here is that cap attachment may increase the price of embroidery machines by thousands and may not be used by all users. Thereby, it’s intelligent of Tajima not to include it by default, so only users with cap attachment needs can buy it separately.

-         Maximum embroidery area:

If you have previous working experience with an embroidery machine, you would know the significance of having a wide embroidery area. When running an embroidery business on a commercial scale, you expect to have a wide variety of orders to fill. Thereby, it is essential to have a wide embroidery area to accommodate embroidery designs of all sizes and requirements. With Tajima 6 head embroidery machine, you get an impressively large embroidery area, which enables you to accommodate all types and sizes of embroidery requirements.

-         Cap hoops:

Not all embroidery machines come with cap hoops. That’s because, in machines like Tajima, where you have to purchase cap attachment separately, there is no point in giving a cap hoop. However, you can buy it along with a cap attachment (if and when required).

-         Control panel:

The Control panel is an essential aspect of embroidery machines since it enables users to control the machine effectively. While the control panel size may not matter, intuitive functionality is desirable for efficiently operating machines. The Tajima 6 head embroidery machine comes with a large 6.5 inches control panel. This enables users to operate all critical machine functions effectively.

-         Warranty:

As a leading commercial-grade embroidery machine, Tajima offers an extended 7-year warranty for its multi-head embroidery machine. This is one of the most extensive warranties offered for a commercial embroidery machine. In comparison, Ricoma multi-head embroidery machine, which is comparable in features to Tajima, only offers a 5-year warranty.


Whether you are looking to expand your embroidery business commercially or improve your business's efficiency, Tajima 6 head embroidery machine is undoubtedly one of the best machines available on the market. The machine comes packed with advanced features and tools to boost efficiency and enhance the accuracy and intricacy of your embroidery work. The only downside may be the high upfront cost, which is often out of reach of small and medium scale businesses.