Machine Embroidery On Denim

Can you do machine embroidery on denim?

Well, of course!

In fact, with modern, powerful embroidery machines, it’s easier than ever to do embroidery on denim.

To make it even better, denim is an excellent fabric for embroidery. It’s tough, flat, and incredibly durable; thus, you don’t have to worry about making punctures while working with dense stitches or intricately complex designs. Denim also got great stretch, which makes it the perfect fabric for all sorts of machine embroidery projects.

Below, we will be looking at some prevailing queries regarding machine embroidery on denim and try to answer those with clarity!

Which denim clothing and accessories can be embroidered with machine embroidery?

Honestly, there are endless possibilities for machine embroidery on denim. Whether you have an existing piece of denim clothing (shirts, tees, skirts, jackets, jeans, etc.) or are looking to buy a new denim garment, you can create stunning embroidery designs on all sorts of denim garments and accessories.

Here’re a few types of denim clothing that you can customize with machine embroidery;

Machine embroidery on denim skirts

Denim skirts are probably the easiest clothing to work with machine embroidery. The wide bottom opening in skirts makes them highly convenient to get embroidered on any area using an embroidery machine.

You, too, can personalize your skirts with embroidered graphic flowers or repeated patterns on them. In fact, you can work out with a small hoop to embroider fascinating patterns and designs on the skirt.

Machine embroidery on denim jackets

Who doesn’t love denim jackets? These are definitely the most desirable fashion articles for any closet. To make it even better, you can customize your denim jackets using machine embroidery. Machine embroidery on denim jackets has been around for decades. As the cool winds have started to blow across, you will see many interesting and intricate designs embroidered on the center and back of the sleeves of denim jackets.  

The only impedance when working with machine embroidery on denim jackets is the need for a large hoop. Nonetheless, if you are restricted by the size of the hoop compatible with the embroidery machine, you can get over it by stitching two adjacent and coordinated designs on each side of the jacket front. Alternatively, you can also stitch out design clusters on the back to create a seemingly detailed embroidery design.

As a pro tip, make sure you take your time to ensure the embroidery design placement, especially if you are working with a large design on the jacket back. I have seen people ending up with design placement, too, low or high, that distorts the feel and appeal of the embroidery. So, make sure you are working with the right placement.

Machine embroidery on denim jeans

We all got multiple pairs of jeans in our closets. These rough, rugged, and highly versatile garments are compatible with all sorts of dressing styles and settings. Interestingly, you can add even more appeal and customization to denim jeans by creating intricate embroidery designs.

There are virtually endless opportunities for machine embroidery on denim jeans. You can start from the front pockets, back pockets, and thighs. For girls, getting cute embroidered flowers is a great way to add a feminine touch to the denim. You can also apply applique to the ankle just to create a unique style.

When working with machine embroidery on denim jeans, the tricky part is that you will most likely need to open up the seam. This is important to access the spots where you wish to get the embroidery done. Things may get trickier with women's denim jeans, where often you will find an extra bit of topstitching on the inside seams, making it complex to remove and repair.

Machine embroidery on Denim Fabric

The versatility and durability of denim don’t restrict its use in clothing. Rather, it’s equally effective to be used for various accessories. Denim is widely used to make various accessories, especially when you need extra ruggedness and strength to withstand wear and tear.

Globally, denim fabric is preferred to manufacture duffel bags or totes. These denim duffel bags aren’t just extremely durable and rugged but also give you the freedom to create stunning embroidery designs.

Apart from duffel bags, tons of home accessories are manufactured today with denim fabric, including pillow covers, napkins, tables, clothes, and more. All of these accessories can easily be customized with aesthetically pleasing embroidery designs.

Can you do machine embroidery over a hole in denim?

Yes. In fact, covering a hole is a prime reason why many people turn to machine embroidery. It’s pretty straightforward to cover a hole in denim with machine embroidery. You can simply add a little heart or pretty little butterfly over the hole to bring new life to your denim clothing. The only catch here is to ensure the hole is completely sealed before starting the machine embroidery.

What can you embroider on denim?

Honestly, there are endless possibilities for machine embroidery on denim. You can simply browse through the internet to get tons of inspiring embroidery designs for denim. Also, since there are no limitations on the type of design that can be embroidered on denim, you can let your imagination fly and come up with unique and ingenious ideas to create stunning denim clothing and accessories.

What’s the best way to buy denim for machine embroidery?

You can buy denim from any brick-and-mortar or online shop. We recommend checking out online stores to catch up on the latest denim designs and styles. Since we are already into the winter season, you will find exquisite denim clothing lines offered by various brands. Just make sure you got the best deal by comparing pricing at multiple stores.