Applique Embroidery- A Cutting-Edge Art</p>

Introduced in the world of fashion since ancient times, applique embroidery is a customary form of ornamental embroidery that has successfully made its way through generations of traditional textile embellishments to today’s chic fashion statements.

What is Applique Embroidery?

In embroidery applique means “to join” or “to attach”, hence, applique embroidery is decorative needlework in which small pieces of fabric are stuck on, or stitched on to a larger fabric taken as a base. Most commonly applied to textiles, it is used to create different patterns and shapes on top of a cloth, often flamboyant enough to appeal to the eye from a distance.

It is used on all types of textiles to make them look striking, ranging from carpets, clothes, saddle covers, tapestries and quilts. Leather applique is a traditional form, dating back to the times when men’s shoes and leather slippers were embroidered in various cultures and countries, and have continued to do so; including Africa, Morocco, and Pakistan to name a few.

Types of Applique Embroidery:

  • Hand-stitched Applique:

This technique is quite evidently the traditional legacy, in which patterns of a fabric are simply sown onto the larger fabric, with a needle and thread. Perks of this method are that other embellishments can be added around the edges such as tinsels and beads.

  • Applique embroidery machines:

An easier, efficient method is to stitch the pattern on by machines, following an outline stitched previously on the fabric, and then trimming the extra cloth to a well-defined design.

  • Adhesives:

The simplest way is to use adhesives to stick the pattern on the base fabric.

Stitching styles of Applique Embroidery:

The most exciting part is the range of smooth or raw edge stitching, multi needle hoop, reverse and decorative stitches that can be experimented with in embroidery, applique designs

 3D Applique Embroidery Designs:

An innovative notation is provided commonly to sports-wear and banners, which makes the logos and statements pop out. This is a special characteristic of custom applique embroidery, as patterns are stitched on; their edges can have a diverse form of stitches, such as raw edge stitching and decorative stitch applique, giving the pattern stitched on top a three-dimensional look.

Applique Digitizing Service:

Offering luxury and ease, and adding a touch of revolution to the art of embroidery designs, is a new method called digitized applique embroidery.

‘Digitized embroidery’, refers to the use of software, combined with sewing tools to generate embroidery and applique designs on screen, which can then be sewn onto the fabric, with stitching styles of the designer’s choice.

In applique embroidery designs, a pattern is selected that is to be stitched on the fabric, and is outlined; in which a wide variety of thickness of lines can be chosen to outline various parts of the design and different types of fills can be used, rendering more texture and appeal to it. An assortment of stitches can also be managed through the software, adding color and shading effects, which are quite challenging and tiresome to achieve manually.