How To Digitize For Embroidery?

Anyone who’s ever tried knows that digitizing for embroidery is harder than it seems. You need to make the right kind of image that would be appropriate for the embroidery machine, then make the right pathway and finally apply the right stitches. So, how to properly digitize for embroidery and why should it be done?

Why should I learn embroidery digitizing?

Many embroidery designers choose to use designs already digitized by others and are happy with them as there can still be a lot done with those designs if you have a creative and innovative mind. However, what if you want to create our own designs and images? Well, this is where learning embroidery digitizing by yourself comes in handy.

Auto digitizers are pretty easy to use and many people use it thinking of it as very effective and beneficial. However, some things need to be understood here. Wondering what that is? Well, the images that can be auto digitized are the ones that are specifically selected for this purpose and can be digitized through this software. However, not all artwork is like that and it is not that simple with other images and embroidery.

Why isn’t auto digitizing as simple as it seems?

Auto digitizing estimates a specific image or object’s size and shape, after which it determines the type, color and thickness of stitch. However, as mentioned above, artwork can sometimes be complicated. For example, what if the hands of the same person in the image are not in the same place? Now, the auto digitizing software will give the stitch based on the size and shape. However, if a person chooses to do all the work themselves, they will realize that both hands need to be given the same stitch.

If you let the software do everything, your work will be left to its interpretation of the image. And that’s not always a good thing. If you choose to do it yourself, you can decide the important details and be able to make the necessary changes you think are needed to make the design perfect!

What software to use for digitizing?

To digitize for embroidery, you can use a variety of different software, such as:

  • Generations digitizing software
  • Wilcom Hatch software
  • Wilcom Advanced software
  • Janome digitizer

Basically, all this comes with experience. You use different types of software and finally end up on the one you think suits you and your business best.

How to learn embroidery digitizing?

This is something that needs to be seen and learnt, rather than just read about. At least, this is what we believe. Hence, we recommend you ask someone to show you how to do it, and then practice it yourself. After you are done, we advise you to ask the skilled digitizers for feedback and take constructive criticism on your work so that you can do even better next time. Although, if you are in need of a quick embroidery design, you can always contact an embroidery design agency.