Is Embroidery Digitizing An Art Or Technical Skill?</p>

This past decade, technology crept into every aspect of our lives and made sure that it incorporated itself well in different industries. The digital world faced the most changes and almost everything that is connected to these smart machines changed as well. There was also an emergence of different and more advanced techniques in the digital world that enhanced and replaced old tedious techniques. One of them is embroidery digitizing,  which has taken over the digital industry, transforming the dynamics of many businesses in its ways.

Embroidery digitizing is a process of converting an art file into digital instructions, which then command an embroidery machine to sew thread in the desired manner. The only difference between embroidery digitizing and normal embroidery is the involvement of the embroidery digitizing computer software. These software programs enhance the visibility and the corporate image with such precision that human hands cannot compete with at all.

In the past years, there has been a spike in many companies wanting to take advantage of embroidery digitizing to design their logos, apparel and art pieces. This technique has helped many businesses to boost their sales and make huge revenue as embroidery digitizing has impressed the consumer world by giving them a taste of innovation and creativity like no other digital technique can by far.

However, many people tend to get confused about placing embroidery digitizing in the criteria of arts and craft or deem it as a technical skill. Let’s see what really causes this confusion.


Art requires a sense of aesthetics that appeals to the eyes of the viewer. It demands a complete balance between the chosen colours the design technique and the layering of different textures. Same goes for embroidery digitizing. When a logo is designed by means of embroidery digitizing, the designer first decides the colour gradient, the designing technique and the appropriate pattern for the final outcome. Without an artistic sense, a designer cannot deliver an appealing embroidery digitized design. Possessing an aesthetic sense is mandatory for creative and inspiring designs. Furthermore, knowhow of layering and colour gradients is also crucial for efficient vector graphics that plays a major role in embroidery digitizing.


The artistic sense of an embroidery digitized product is unimpressive if it lacks technical skills. The embroidery digitizing software are complex and require expert technical skills in order to implement the right methodology when running them. The designer must have complete knowledge of its tools and different ways of stitching and using colour gradients. Poor technical skills can tarnish the whole image and feel of the digitized product which is crucial to avoid if the goal is to deliver effective and beautiful embroidery digitizing results.

This makes it clear that embroidery digitizing asks for expertise in both artistic and technical skills. They both are codependent and even if one of them is underestimated, the whole design will lack in beauty, creativity, precision and overall impact.