11 Best Free Embroidery Digitizing Software for brother

Embroidery software is widely used by digitizers and embroiders to create designs and patterns with an embroidery machine. That brings us to the point of embroidery machines and how Brother has become the market leader. Brother embroidery machines come with beneficial accessories and advanced technology, but all these benefits can be yielded only if you use the right embroidery software. So, are you ready to check out the free embroidery software for Brother embroidery machines?

Free Embroidery Digitizing Softwares for brother

1. my editor

My Editor  Embroidery Digitizing Softwares

This free embroidery software is designed by WingsXP and is designed with innovative features. This software can be used for editing purposes and viewing the embroidery designs. It’s a suitable option for basic editing, and you will be able to check the designs and thread colors (yes, you can make the changes). The users can also input the design information. There are browsing features, so you can do your design research and save them.
There are various tools and features available in my editor for materials management. The collection of these features help improve embroidery production. The best thing about my editor is that it’s suitable for multi-stitch and single-stitch embroidery. The Preview3D feature helps visualize how the embroidery will turn out on different types of fabrics. The stitch editor is great for making different stitches. My editor helps resize the designs and rotate them for seamless application.
The embroidery process can be simulated by using this software with the Brother machine. It can automate the stitch’s density adjustment. My editor can be used for applying circular, horizontal, diagonal, and vertical guidelines. On top of everything, there is an entire database of tools available, so you have creative freedom, and you can even customize the thread color.

2. Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Digitizing Software

This is another free embroidery software that works with Brother embroidery machine and is compatible with floppy disk as well as USB flash drive. What we like about this software is that it can be used for older computers (nope, you don’t need the advanced computer system). With Embrilliance Essentials, the embroidery digitizers can merge the embroidery designs, irrespective of formats (even the .ZIP file works). The users can utilize the stitch recalculation feature for resizing the designs.
Embrilliance Essentials allows the users to add lettering to their embroidering designs since there are monogram, multi-line, and circle modes available. In addition, you can make spiral texts and larger embroidery designs. The users can not only merge and resize the embroidery designs, but they can also print and color the designs. Not to forget, it allows the users to remove overlapping stitches and create a smooth lettering appearance.
Embrilliance Essentials offers three design libraries for free, and the embroidery fonts can be scaled. There are color sequence charts for managing colors in the embroidery. The best part is the applique frame that can be scaled according to the design. With Embrilliance Essentials, you can centralize the design through advanced alignment features. It comes with free demo downloads so that you can use it for free for some time.

3. Ink/Sketch

Ink/Sketch Embroidery Digitizing Software
This is the open-source and free embroidery software that makes it suitable for professional and recreational embroiders. The users can select the object where embroidery has to be applied, choose the right settings, customize the changes, and develop an on-point embroidery pattern. It can support multiple file formats, such as SVGCSVEXPDSTPECJEF, and more. As far as the reading formats are concerned, Ink/Sketch supports MITMAXDATPECNEWU01, XXX, and PES.
Ink/Sketch can visualize the text in your desired language, but commonly used languages are French, Dutch, and of course, English. What we love about this software is that it works fine with path objects. There are built-in code libraries to support cross-platform configuration. In addition, the users can export and import multiple designs at once (yes, it support the batches). The users can add the stops and trims to create a neat embroidery design.
When you use Ink/Sketch, you will be able to edit the stitching orders and animate the stitching preview while making real-time changes. If you are a fan of lettering, this software allows that. As far as stitches are concerned, it supports manual stitches, satin stitches, e-stitches, running stitches, and fill stitches.

4. Brother Embroidery Software

Brother Embroidery Software BES 4
When you are looking for embroidery software for Brother Machines, what could be better than their own software? They have launched BES 4 software which allows the users to design the monograms and edit them. It’s great for designing borders and lettering. For instance, you can make the design on a tablet or PC, and transfer them to the machine (no USBs and cables required). The interface is user-friendly and is great for everyone, beginners and professionals.
Brother embroidery software allows users to stitch different types of stitches, arrange the designs, align them, and create the designing effects. This software also allows the users to view the templates and visualize how the embroidery will look on the fabric. It is integrated with a variety of customization features so that you can tweak the designs. In fact, there are more than eight hundred embroidery designs available and over two hundred pre-digitized letters and fonts.
BES promises consistent spacing between the vertical and horizontal stitches with the help of distribute tools. There is a scatter design tool for people who want to make scattered embroidery. It is the best software if you want to create drop shadows for letting and fonts. In addition, you can match the embroidery with stabilizers and fabrics. This is paid software, but you can opt for a 30-days free trial (you can get so much done during this free trial period).

5. TrueSizer

True Sizer Embroidery Digitizing Software
This embroidery software is designed by Wilcom, which is perfect for reading, previewing, and modifying the embroidery files. The users have the choice to change the size of the design and make changes. For instance, the files can be skewed, rotated, and mirrored. Once you have done the editing, you can easily save the embroidery files in your desired formats (there is an extensive list of formats available). TrueSizer has an extensive range of images that can be used as background.
It is a suitable tool for providing a real-time view of the embroidery design, so you can approve before going on with the embroidery. What we love about this software is that the web version is great for remote editing. It supports .EMB file format, so you can edit the files and save them. It can be used for displaying the embroidery designs in the hoop. TrueSizer is a promising choice for professional embroiders since it can be used with commercial formats.
The built-in approval sheets are available to check the embroidery location and design. In addition, there are production worksheets available for inputting the design data and integrate the thread colors. With the colorway feature, the users can match the threads to different color slots. The basic version is available for free and is suitable for small embroidery businesses.

6. TES Viewer

TES Viewer Embroidery Digitizing Software
It is loaded with positive features that promise high-end embroidery services. It is integrated with the redraw design feature and sewing simulator that allows the users to customize the preview options. In addition, you can check every stitching step and preview the entire embroidery process at your desired speed. The users can easily adjust the design size and grid size. With the protractor tool, you can conveniently measure the angle size.
On top of everything, TES Viewer has a hide-and-show option for color, so you can easily customize the embroidery design. For instance, you can manage the custom colors with the help of RGB parameters and color cards. TES Viewer allows users to match the hoop size so that you can select the desired hoop size according to the embroidery design size. Not to forget, you can make your own hoops with TES Viewer. The best thing about TES Viewer is that you can convert the file sizes.

7. Embird 

Embird Embroidery Digitizing Software
This embroidery software is designed with a modular design foundation and boasts an extensive range of hoop sizes and types. It can be easily downloaded and installed. Embird has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to handle. In addition, it can be connected with Azure and Amazon cloud storage, so you can access your embroidery designs from everywhere. Embird is designed with various thread catalogs, which means you can customize the threads.
With the 3D preview, you can check how your embroidery will look on the fabric. The demo mode is available for free – the features might be limited, but it’s still enough for beginner embroidery. As far as the demo mode is concerned, it is available for two months.

8. SophieSew

SophieSew Embroidery Digitizing Software
This is the free embroidery software that is designed with an object-specific configuration. For instance, you can start with lines and images, and move to complicated designs. Some of the advanced features include filling stitches and running stitches. There is a long list of features available with SophieSew, such as resizing, duplication, rotation, and deletion. It allows the users to improve the design elements or just create a new design. However, there are no advanced features which mean it’s not suitable for large-scale businesses, but it’s fine for home-based embroidery businesses.

9. Hatch

Hatch Embroidery Digitizing Software
Hatch is a promising choice for amateur or beginner embroiders because it’s convenient and easy to use. To begin with, there is no need for CC verification and files can be exported in 22 types of file types. It is designed with a 30-day free trial, and you will be hooked to high performance and functionality. It is integrated with various tools and tools, so you can create basic designs and complex designs all the same. The users can automate the editing and digitizing functions. Not to forget, you can resize the designs, recolor the embroidery designs, and create monograms.

10. Bernina Artlink

Bernina Artlink Embroidery Digitizing Software
Bernina Artlink is a promising embroidery software for beginner embroiders, and it has an updated version with which you can resize the designs. The embroidery designs can be adjusted, and you can redraw the displays. There is an extensive and convenient range of hoops available. Bernina Artlink allows the users to adjust the thread colors to customize the embroidery, and the embroidery design can be previewed. To summarize, it has an improved interface that works impeccably and without any bugs.

11. 2Stitch Organizer

This embroidery software allows the users to check out the designs and edit them. It has a special notes section, so you can search different embroidery files and search them pretty easily. In addition, you can organize the files according to the hoop size. It can work fine with bigger embroidery designs pretty well. On top of everything, 2Stitch Organizer supports different embroidery formats and types of stitches.

Wrapping It Up 

The embroidery software solutions can help work on different embroidery functions, such as color changes, resizing, editing, and more. There are various file formats available in these software options that work fine with Brother embroidery machines. The majority of these software solutions support the vectoring tools that can be used for converting vector images into embroidery designs.
In addition, the auto-digitizing tool allows the users to control the conversions, edit the images, and size the designs. So, if you are using the Brother embroidery machine, which software are you going to use?