How to convert JPG to EXP?

Embroidery machines have come a long way in terms of accuracy, features, and automation. Today, we have powerful and advanced self-regulating embroidery machines that can auto-adjust to design patterns and different fabrics. However, there are still a few pressing challenges for embroiders working with embroidery machines.

Since most of today’s embroidery machines are entirely automated, they need specific file formats to initiate and complete processing. However, an embroidery machine from each manufacturer requires a particular file format to get started with the operations. Any other file format will result in an error notification for an unknown file format.

Different embroidery machines have unique input format requirements. In fact, the file formats required by embroidery machines are quite different than our commonly used formats like JPG, PNG, or BMP. These are all raster formats, whereas embroidery machines need special vector formats to get started.

Now you may wonder why all embroidery machines don’t accept a standard format.

That’s where you’ll need JPG to EXP conversion for embroidery. Well, let’s dig into more details for a better understanding!

What is an EXP file, and why JPG to EXP is important for Embroidery?

As we discussed above, today, embroidery machines are manufactured by various manufacturers and have their unique set of features. Apart from unique strengths and limitations, each machine also comes with a specific file format to process embroidery designs. For instance, Melco and Bernina are two of the biggest manufacturers of embroidery machines, and both require EXP file format to read and process embroidery designs. Similarly, there are other exclusive formats used by embroidery machines from other manufacturers.

Now, the general artwork doesn’t come in EXP or other standard file formats. Instead, the artwork usually comes in standard raster formats like JPG, PNG and others. Now, before you can embroider any of the designs, it’s essential to convert these standard raster formats into machine-readable vector formats.

And while the conversion may sound like a simple process for a non-specialist, in reality, it’s a rather complex process and requires strong skills and experience to pull out successfully. That’s because a machine-readable embroidery format doesn’t only comprise the design but also the detailed instruction for the machine, including the embroidery pattern, threading instruction, stitch types, and more. That’s where embroidery digitizing services come into act. Embroidery digitizing services are meant to convert artwork (digital or even a pencil sketch) into detailed embroidery machine-readable format. And that’s also why you need JPG to EXP conversion for embroidery.

An EXP file is a special embroidery machine-readable format (accepted by embroidery machines from Bernina and Melco) and includes all important embroidery details, including controlling stitching pattern, type, thread to be used, and others.

So, basically, if you are using any of these machines (and certain others), you would need JPG to EXP conversion to get things going for your embroidery business.

How to Get JPG to EXP Conversion?

Now that we know the EXP file format and why you need Jpg to EXP conversion, it’s time to address the main question: how to convert JPG to EXP?

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to achieve this. Of course, each way comes with its unique set of strengths and limitations. Below, we will be discussing the top three ways to perform JPG to EXP conversion.

Free File Conversion

Ok, so this is the most obvious, simplest, and free way to convert JPG to EXP. There are tons of free online tools available that allow embroiders to convert raster artwork from JPG format to embroidery machine readable EXP format. These tools essentially rely on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to bypass human dependency and convert raster images to vector formats. All you need to do is to google “JPG to EXP conversion online for embroidery,” and you will have access to multiple online free and paid tools to perform the conversion.

However, there’s a glitch here. Things aren’t as straightforward as they seem, and certainly not when it comes to JPG to EXP conversion. The free conversion tools may claim high about accuracy and precision of their tool; however, these are definitely no alternative to human digitizing. Especially if you are looking to offer professional embroidery services, these free or cheaply paid online tools for JPG to EXP conversion aren’t the right approach for you.

Auto Digitizing Software

Next up, we have the various auto-digitizing software that are available in the market. Just like free online conversion tools, these auto-digitizing software relies on artificial intelligence and computer vision to convert raster designs into a machine-readable EXP file format.

Now, over the past many years, the technology behind these automated software has improved greatly; still, these automated software lacks the precision and refined appeal of a manual digitizing process. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner learning the trade or are a small-scale embroidery business operating on a limited scale, these software may be useful in converting simple designs from JPG to EXP.

Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services

Lastly, we got professional digitizing services as the best approach for JPG to EXP conversion. While these services may be a bit costly compared to free online tools or auto digitizing software, this is the most recommended approach to achieve a highly precise and refined embroidery machine readable EXP file format. The only other way around is to have your in-house specialized digitizing team, which is definitely not a viable approach until you are a large business with a massive yearly turnover.

Now, the reason we recommend going with professional embroidery digitizing services (especially when you are operating a commercial embroidery business) is because these agencies have experienced and expert digitizers working on powerful software to create accurate and precise embroidery digitizing files. The digitizers working with these agencies understand the embroidery needs for different designs and fabrics and, thereby, as able to offer the best JPG to EXP conversion for all your embroidery business needs!